Intimate Transgressions

The ‘Comfort Women’ principally from Korea, China, the Philippines, Taiwan and other countries occupied by the Japanese, were abducted, forced into sexual slavery and treated with such extreme brutality, that most did not survive the war. Following the end of hostilities their plight was side-lined, no one was held accountable for their sufferings and their story was wiped from Japanese history books by those in power.

70 years on; organised war rape and genocide rape are now standard practise in many armed conflicts and women on every continent are affected. We wish to highlight this appalling abuse of human rights by presenting an exhibition where artists from all over the world explore the complex legacy bequeathed to our society by these destructive phenomena. While the exhibition will investigate individual and collective accountability, it will not be a documentary of horrors nor a mechanism for apportioning blame, rather it will speak of loss and resilience, of sorrow and our shared humanity; its purpose is to bring insight and perspective.

‘Intimate Transgressions’ poses questions about our personal, social and political responsibility to those whom we perceive as ‘other’, it confronts the issue that women in many parts of the world are still a long way from achieving the most basic human rights. Our project aims to contribute to a better public understanding of the institutional and individual violence towards women which occurs during conflicts. ‘Intimate Transgressions’ will address the need for justice, for reparation, for a reframing of how we deal with military conflict and for dialogue so that the victims’ voices can be heard.




“烽火婦女淚 – 兼哭慰安婦”向人類個人,社會以及對所謂的“他人”承擔的政治責任提出問題,指出在世界的許多地方的女性距離實現其最基本的人權還有很長的路要走。我們項目旨在促進社會大衆對女性在戰爭沖突中所受的暴力傷害産生更清晰的認識。“烽火婦女淚-兼哭慰安婦”將聆聽受害者的聲音,討論予以正義,補償的必要性,以及探討如何在軍事沖突中保護自己。

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